Husky serves up another Groove Sessions mix.

Packed with fresh future tunes as well as some familiar mainstream vocals, it’s apparent why Husky is growing in fandom and popularity.

Husky has a taste for a new culture of music that involves a collaboration of tastes from all party scenes. Bumpin’ the hottest selections from the clubs and the rave caves of the future, it’s refreshing to find this music executed and delivered with such style. Husky’s “Groove Sessions” have continued to do just that. In all of his featured mixes we hear sweet jamz ranging from many genres of r&b, 2-step, house, jungle, and hip hop. This taste is what allows him to identify with the rest of society; one that for the most part rejects an underground culture. 

Kickin it off with the discipline of Zed Bias’ remix of “Beautiful Black Women Come From Brooklyn” we see an open preview into Huksy’s audial aesthetic. Right after, Husky reveals a little Gucci Mane keeping the interest of mainstream party peoplez who wanna get down at one point or another. This sets the mood and example for the range of this mix: this mix is going to have hot house jams and it’s gonna get a little thuggin’.

With only 30 minutes in the mix this is is a worthwhile listen if you’re just kickin’ back with some friends, doing your homework, or other personal leisure. 

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