Husky comes through with this end of the year roundabout taking it back to the basics in this 2-step, garage house, future tune. Using interjecting bleeps and bloops ringing out that satellite frequency it’s a jumpin vibe that could hype any moment.

The coolest thing about Husky, 19 year-old producer from Detroit, is that he’s ambitious to challenge classical electronic music genres and what’s currently being put out at the moment, all in the hopes of producing something better. By listening to his tracks and mixes one can really see where he finds his influences in things deep house, jungle, break-beat, and future; never ceasing to skip the drum loops and add variety to his patterns. 

"The way I see it, I have the ability and ideas to do something, and to not try is a waste of life."

Husky is down for the ecological movement to influence our community’s perspective towards sustainability and environmental sanctity. In a world of Jocka’s and Waka Flocka’s he understands the incredible void that music plays in people’s everyday lives and how it stimulates a culture and social environment.

I believe that Husky is crankin’ these beats because he feels this is what his community should here. In a city so heavily influential on the house community, pioneering some of the first techno house tracks, it’s surprising to find it’s popularity has dwindled after it has spread so far globally. Husky’s tracks bring you back to a time when people were getting down, starting out, and asking the question: ”what is electronic music and how do we define and create it’s audience?”

This is why Husky is down with the movement, down with the society. He wants to make a difference and music is his venue.

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