November Double Month Selections

Really excited for the future of the posts as we take entry into a new form of development. This Novembers entry is a portal into some of the best beats that have been making their way into our ears as this month takes of. I wasn’t in town this week so I was a little backed up with the influx of hot tracks that have hit the streets since this month of November has kicked off.  On another note, something else to look forward to, today we’ll also be featuring an interview with a favorite artist from Chicago by the name of Equator Club as he comes out with his newest EP tomorrow.

Its going to be interesting to see how something as mechanically refined as electronic music can influence a change in a culture that is sustainable and ecologically healthy. Does music play a role in that? Only artists can describe their feelings on the subject.

With everything said and done I appreciate you tuning in to hear this one out! ENJOY!

So here it is!

Thanks Much, Mando