So we’ve been enjoying a lot of music lately and planning on this end has been largely supported by the jams we’ve been able to discover and see released over this last year. What’s been decided to share with you is a bimonthly compilation of the selected tracks that are being released as they come, and of course awesome jams that are found in the process. The playlists will also provide downloads and options to view more information on the artists and how to get connected with their music.

So here it is!

Photo cred. Nick Bahula [link]

Thanks Much, Mando

Tracklist Run-down:

SirOJ - I Love My Name

A true track that cannot be denied, with this anthemic polysynth intro, tough claps, and dance piano combined with the city-lights style polyphonic chorus: it’s a no brainier as to why it fits so wonderfully as the first track on this list. Plus, I love my name, don’t you?

EPLP - Leave Me

I always like to build it up, this track by EPLP gives a great example for some of the minimal break dance beats I’ve been enjoying lately. Also I can’t ignore those thuggish chants in the background - “what? what?”. The deep bass really resonates and the effects create the kind of depth that have been really attracting me to some of these kind of artists more recently. This one also comes with a free download so don’t miss out!

Eight One Three - 813 - 360

A Recent release that caught be jammin’ out that features some of the rave vibes I like. Enjoy: with a free .wav download.

Equator Club - Back on Me

This song is too much! These snares are insane and really crank the beat to it’s maximum potential. With this deep house groove it is overwhelmingly awesome just to listen to this track. Free download is also included (WHATT?!?!) ! Equator Club’s EP for this track will debut October 16th, AND in the mean time you can download his last two EP’s for free by visiting his facebook and liking the page. :O

Karma Kid - It’s Always

For some reason I didn’t catch this tack by Karma Kid til a month after it’s feature on soundcloud. This track really portrays the love I feel for a lot of things that have been poppin’ off in my life lately. It’s that consistent rattling and powerful synth that keep it pumpin’; the jungle house beat, altered pitch vocals, and MC chatta at the end it combines to complete the track and really make it legendary (in my book) for this 2012 year. I can deffs keep pressing repeat for this one. 

Everything you Want - Toyboy & Robin

Everything Toyboy & Robin release is gold. This deep house jam really creates the vibe I’d like to see becomes infused with the rest of my social environment. Ah! I love the lose break with the strong major chords that could pick me up anytime throughout the day. Free download as well.

Hervé - Night Turns Into Day

Had to feature this release from September. The old school rave chords within the song really make this track for me as well as that bouncy baseline within the drop. It kind of has a Sneaky Sound System vibe that I like. This is another big track that amps my mood and I’ve caught myself really wanting to hear it when I wasn’t able to. :)

Hannah Wants & Lorenzo - Tear Drop On The Fire

Hannah drops fat bass songs, another favored style of music. This one I feel has enough mystique that you will stay entertained.

Garage $ale - Bump n Grind (Waze & Odyssey Mix)

No duh, why this is here. Just listen! This song also comes with a free download via emailz. 

"My mind’s tellin’ me no, but my body… my body is telling me yes."

Fion & Brame - What’s Up

I’ve seen a lot of re-posts of this track on various channels, and at one point it came up three times on my feed. This track has also been favorited by some of my other fav’d artists and it’s no wonder because this song is h.o.t - hot.  Fat ups Fion & Brame for this one. “Girl, you know what’s up, tell me what’s up”

Sweater Beats - MLLN DLLR

Oh yeah it feels good. This song is killer anthemic,with a sexy music video to pair. Justus did justice with this release. I love it!

Bondax - It’s You

Here’s some more of that gangster jams. I’m not sure  if this one’s a jam though, because it makes me feel like jelly. 

Flume - Holdin On

This one’s a really big jam with vocals that speak for themselves. “Yes I do!” When that big noise comes in that sound like stricken sheet metal really keeps it the zone. I can’t let you get away, no, no, no.

S-Type - Walrus ft. Budgie

Words can’t describe this promo from LuckyMe Records. “I don’t need to, but I want to  see you in the nude… and I don’t usually bite, but tonight I’m gonna sink my teeth into you!” That’s why it’s walrus, this guy wants to bite deep! This song is about making some of that intimate sexy sexy and I think it deffs sets the mood and describes the intent with passion.

Jaw Jam - (Jaw Jam 3 a.m. Dub)

No comment. Splishy Splashy fun. There you go.

Corporal F. and & Hiloxam feat. Natalie Holmes - No Reason

Loft Party’s release of No Reason is epic. These vocals have to be some of the sweetest along with the repetitious reggae style chords that really make the song and define it’s message.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Your Love (Fake Blood)

I love TEED and I love Fake Blood. This remix is the silliest most creative expression I’ve heard in a long while. This one takes some adjustment since at first you will find it’s consistently off beat patterns might seem foreign in design, but all in all you will see that it adds to the craft-work of this masterpiece of a remix. 

Clicks & Whistles - Adventure Tune

Last but not least to top of this adventure of this months first findings is Clicks & Whistles with their “Adventure Tune”. I love this rendition of a classic trap style beat and with the melodic thematic melodies I felt it made for a sweet goodbye and intro for whatever might come next in your life.