// Ecology Society Anniversary Mixtape//


As the time comes to pass we find ourselves heading into a second year of Ecology Benefit Society. The origination of this group never had one true vision other then addressing an issue with our societal understanding of our natural ecology, how the environment interacts with itself, and how we play the biggest role in it’s imbalance. As thoughtful, cultural, and knowledgeable people we have the capacity to recognize our surroundings and make inferences based upon our environment. The reality is that a majority of cultural stimulus is directed from a standpoint of marketing and consumerism which, for the most part, is widely unsustainable in practice. This is why Ecology Benefit Society sought to take some role in influencing a different dynamic for cultural direction, and even a refreshed outlook on what we perceive as environmentalism. 

This technological compilation of breaks, beats, and sounds serves as a testimony of our affection and consideration for natural elements in the creation of music and art which are two vital elements for creating any kind of culture. Made available at the price of your choice, the compilation is made available for overall easy download and to get any environmental function going. 

With much love and appreciation for everything this group has put fourth, and the incredible support we’ve received over this last year, thanks for checking us out!






To start off your month of May, Ecology Society brings you “SPRING SPECIAL” a mix of song collected from the month of April. Lots of these songs were included in our late night sessions of backyard entertainment as well as our 420 Earth Day party. 

Since the  DOUBLE MONTH SELECTIONS haven’t been released in a while with only MARCH MADNESS to show for our collection of songs the previous two months, we’re hopeful to be able to provide monthly selections of tracks and continue a consistent delivery of good music. 

Starting out with Snoop Lion ending with 813, this playlist should take you on a journey of beats, house, juke, and love beats. This variety of tracks features many elements of music listening for use at parties and casual listening, all mixed together in this playlist while keeping a flow of pattern and feel as the music continues playing.

& if you’re wondering about the bird that is the Antilophia bokermanni, the critically endangered Brazillian native which belongs to a list of species you will most likley be gone in our lifetime. For a list of more species that belong to this list of animals you may never see again checkout this article here.

For more tracks stay connected for another playlist soon!



With a year of Ecology Benefit Society in the making, our group has organized a mixtape compilation of exclusive tracks made available for download via bandcamp. This super exciting release features a select group of artists that have influenced the vibe of our project planning and creative processes.

Overall, this mixtape hopes to instill a sense of environmental ambiance to be downloaded and played at parties, social functions, community gardens, and on stereo systems all over where people might hope to stimulate an environmental awakening or nature-esque atmosphere. 

Featuring tracks from Juke Ellington, Husky, Whiskers Po, Sea Blaze, Xyloid, $PL△$H ¢LUB 7, Dune Fangs, XLXL, and some other amazing producers: it’s no doubt that this mixtape is going to provide the custom sound we’re trying to project since all of these artists have admitted to a strong influence taken from nature in the creation of their music.

Due for release at the end of May, this mixtape is sure to summarize a feeling of spring and prep the vibe for our fun summer. <3 <3 <3

March 15th, it&#8217;s going down! Ecology Society&#8217;s first event featuring sustainable culture and radical party vibes. Look forward to pictures and more details as this event follows up next week!

March 15th, it’s going down! Ecology Society’s first event featuring sustainable culture and radical party vibes. Look forward to pictures and more details as this event follows up next week!




This month Ecology Society managed to organize and release it’s first benefit mixtape for the group. The overall the mixtape has proven successful in bringing our team closer together for future collaborations and raising awareness to our group focus. Since the mixtape was released on Valentines Day, a fortnight, a day which the DOUBLE MONTH SELECTIONS are usually released, a double release of the selections will come out on the 28th. However, to keep everyone posted we’ve arranged a QUICK FIX of songs that you can jam out to in the interim.

To give something back to the followers here is a playlist of songs that were made available for download via soundcloud. By utilizing the new soundcloud player it should be a straight forward way to download some of your best choices.

For more tracks stay connected for a DOUBLE DOSE OF SELECTIONS due February 28th & keep posted.




Thanks to contributions by several artists Ecology Society was able to organize a mixtape for the Valentine’s Holiday. Even cooler, is the mixtape is available for whatever price you would like. this album serves as a representation of artist’s collaborative efforts to raise awareness for this group which happens to center on the idea of stimulating an environmental music culture through the promotion of varied genres & musical backgrounds.

for more info check out



Ecology Benefit Society is a growing organization of community organizers, artists, designers, musicians, producers, and trend setters, developing a greater idea for an environmentalist movement within our society by influencing it's creation and kindling the culture.

Mando Valencia
Grand Terrace, CA
Inspired by the revelation of ecological destruction as told since the pre-industrial era. Caught up in a society that is unsustainable in its nature and design, Mando is constantly thinking of ways to improve the connection between people and their environments.

Sean Linehan
Berkeley, CA
An entrepreneur at an early age, Sean reasons with efficiency and with a wide knowledge basis and experise in marketing, publicity, programming, and design.

Dustin Boyer
Grand Terrace, CA
A young mathmatician with a drive for analyzing numbers and a heart for the environment. Dusty is an active participant of Ecology Benefit Society who assists in the organization, development, and opperation of our group activities.

Melissa Mathies
Riverside, CA
Taking pictures at community events all through riverside, Melissa gets down with the movements of her community.A photographer with a heart for social movements and further developing societal growth, she's found a place in participating with Ecology Society taking pictures for shows and events.

Huksy, Detroit, MI
Musician, Producer, DJ.
Makin' beats, grooves, loops, jamz, and anything else that will make your system bounce with joy. Bringin serious base-lines with a funky detroit attitude. Husky has recently joined in on the environmentalist movement to create a peace vibe that a community can identify with and party to, while trying to better the planet.

Frank Correa, Seattle, WA
Vissionary & Photographer.
Creating a new aesthetic for design, photography, fashion, and culture, Frank Correa has a matured style of graphic design, context imagery, and photo manipulation. Understanding the power of a wildlife mentality, Frank sees the importance of their precense in today's visual exeperience. When creating his images he often includes various species of animals in his pictures that range from every class in the beloved kingdom.

$H∑LB¥ WØø, Dallas, TX
Painter & Music Playboy

At the age of 14, Grag started making music on his parent's computer and began quickly adapting into music production. After, he went into music reviews, an internship for sound engineering, and eventually UNT, where he finished his education and moved into employment as a foley artist and mastering technician.